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ByANOUK is a graceful design label covering a variety
of refined minimalist designs with a clever twist 


Anouk shows how to merge creativity and technology into a genius and stylish symbiosis. Myshelf is a patented shelf - adjustable in length - that exists of small modular lamellas. Add more lamellas to get the desired length. With all kinds of add-ons like boxes, hooks, rails,.. Anouk made sure this Myshelf design is a - made to measure - innovation. 


Anouk’s latest design is a minimal metal frame that can be used in 3 different positions to take full advantage of its shape. The 3 positions reflect three different table heights. This way, the table can be used as a standing desk and switched to a dining table or a coffee table within seconds.  


Today’s desks are outdated. The Out Of Office Desk is a reinterpretation of the office desk: a modern desk that is adaptable, multi-functional and elegant. But above all it’s a beautiful object that you do want to spend most part of your day on. 


With this subtle flower frame, Anouk found an unique way to display one flower in such a way nobody will be able to miss its beauty.


Every dog requires a peaceful and secure place indoors where he can retreat, preferably under a piece of furniture while dog owners are more concerned with the furniture’s appearance and presence in the room. Pet pavilion combines these concerns into a very space efficient piece of furniture where form and function go hand in hand for the benefit of both the dog and his owner. 

PORTFOLIO 2005 - 2014

Portfolio of Anouk Taeymans’ projects while studying civil engineering architecture at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (2005-2010) & working as an architect in Oslo, Norway (2010-2014)

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