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Flower Pot Worthy


Brand: D&M depot



Anouk loves natural materials. Upgrade your outdoor terrace or create an indoor jungle vibe with the help of these stunning pots with a cool concrete finish.  Their nice grey colour suits green plants very well. Use them when you want to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

Material: Matt Concrete Orchid Pot

Extra small Ø 15cm H 14.5cm     
- out of stock - Small Ø 18.5cm H 17.5cm  
Medium Ø 25cm H 22cm        
Large Ø 24.4cm H 34.5cm
- out of stock - Extra large Ø 31.5cm H 42cm 
- out of stock - Extra extra large Ø 50cm H 70cm        


As a precaution for these fragile items, we strongly advise you to come pick up your item in Antwerp. If you still want it delivered, we'll charge an extra €50 to make sure your item is delivered at the address to your liking. Just send us an email ( and we'll provide you with further information. 

Note: Delivery period may vary depending on the availability of the item. Send a mail to to get more info regarding these delivery periods. Standard delivery period is 4 to 8 weeks.  


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